Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I WANT TO APOLOGIZE for not keeping this page
up to date...I'll try my best to do better.
I'll catch up with the rest of
the shows we saw in 2015


JULY 25, 2015 ....Midway Tavern....Mishawaka, Indiana

BILLY "STIX" NICKS - Motown Review
We're happy to say that Motown's number One drummer, Billy "Stix" Nicks is a resident of nearby South Bend.  Billy was the one and only drummer for the great Jr. Walker and the All Stars.   So we're fortunate enough to see him often here in the area.....he always puts on a GREAT SHOW....and you'd never believe that he's 81 years old.   He plays the same as when the All Stars band was in it's heyday. 

Here's BILLY with our friend ED BERRY.

Billy & Ed talked of their old band days.

Ed was long time guitar man and vocalist

with his band JERICHO


SEPT 9, 2015 ....Midway Tavern....Mishawaka, Indiana

We have loved this great band since it was LITTLE CHARLIE and the Nightcats.  The great harp player RICK ESTRIN has always fronted the band. 
It  features J. Hanson on drums and Lorenzo Farrell on bass and organ.  Kid Andersen replaced Little Charlie Baty when he retired.

OCT 3, 2015 ....Midway Tavern....Mishawaka, Indiana

We've known Wayne since he was the long time B-3 Organ man for our old friend the late Michael Burks. Wayne still has nightmares reliving Michael dying in his arms of a heart attack in the Atlanta Airport as they were returning from an extended tour in Europe.  He later formed the Sharpshooter Band with his sons...Sean on drums and vocals....Grayson on guitar and vocals and friend Seadon Faulkner.   They played Saturday nite at the Midway and the next day Sheila and I had a pizza party for them at our house. They are a great band and great guys!
Wayne and Sean
Our living room..that's Seadon on the left

OCT 10, 2015 ....Midway Tavern....Mishawaka, Indiana

This is our favorite local - blues and rockabilly band. Junior Combs, guitar and vocals, Jesse Lee Scutchfield Bass & Vocals and Mike McCalment drums.

Sheila and Albertina gossiping


JAN 9, 2016 ....Midway Tavern....Mishawaka, Indiana

Michiana's QUEEN of the BLUES

Finally Albertina was honored for all her efforts of KEEPING the BLUES ALIVE. Ol Harv's wife Armita, organized a day of appreciation. On a Saturday afternoon about 200 of her friends and customers came together to honor her.  She was overwhelmed that so many folks appreciated what she's done for the music scene here in the Michiana area. 

The stage was constantly filled with musicians
of many stripes jamming. As many as a dozen
 at a was a GREAT TIME honoring a GREAT LADY!
Sweet Ray Burke presented her with
a bouquet of RARE BLUE ROSES


THIS IS ALL FOR TODAY........Wednesday 13 Jan 2016